Aeras Technologies is an IT service provider specializing in Apple technology

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The 3rd Eye is a marketing firm in the bustling Miami metro with a gigantic portfolio and an incredible talent base with seemingly limitless possibilities. However, they had an enormous problem. They had an Apple IT ecosystem that was scattered, disorderly, and tripping up their business. They needed help but didn’t know where to turn.

Does this sound like a familiar scenario?

With the meteoric rise of Apple technology within Education, Enterprise, and SMB over the last several years, ecosystems supported by IT are becoming more diverse. As Apple technology becomes more prevalent, engaging a managed services provider with a deep-level understanding of supporting Apple hardware is becoming more necessary.

Aeras Technologies was established to serve organizations that understand the value Apple hardware can bring, specializing in managing and deploying Apple hardware.

Founded by CEO David Collins in 2019, the Florida firm has grown from a boutique Apple hardware installer servicing the greater Orlando metropolitan area to a hybrid-remote service provider covering the entire United States with a base of operations across the US Southeast.

“My vision for Aeras was to create an inclusive company culture I want to be part of. At Aeras, we lead with empathy and understanding by creating relationships with users of Apple technology,” says Collins.

Do I need outside assistance with my Apple IT?

This question is one of the most commonly asked of the Aeras team. Customers of Apple technology typically are long-term fans due to the famous phrase, “It just works.” This mantra can be very accurate in the consumer space, but as a company’s hardware stack grows, so do the complexities.

Aeras supports clients from every business vertical with a commonality: the defined need to securely and efficiently manage Apple hardware. By building upon the framework provided by Apple to its customers with services like Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager and by working heavily within the Apple partner space, Aeras is challenging the traditional ideas of what a service provider can be. Aeras helped a marketing agency scale through technology while tripling in size with remote users during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I do not and do recommend starting a business right before a global pandemic,” Collins jokes.

With the world-changing impacts of COVID-19, businesses and schools relied on a remote workforce to keep staff safe. The companies that struggled the most with this transition needed a plan of action for centrally managing Apple hardware. In today’s hybrid-remote working world, the need for mobile device management on Apple technology has never been more critical.

“Since we could no longer meet our clients in person, we met them where they were: online,” says Collins. This pivot changed everything.

Where does a subject matter expert fit into all of this?

Most Aeras clients have a similar story to tell. They started as a small team that preferred Apple hardware for daily operations but noticed problems accumulated as employees came and went. Drawers began to fill with locked devices, manually supporting a second office with software updates became cumbersome, and new technology setup took increasingly longer. The logical conclusion was to hire an expert; only there weren’t any to be found.

By staffing for talent with decades of experience in supporting Apple hardware, and backgrounds in mobile device management and cyber-security, the Aeras team has transformed the Apple IT landscape for hundreds of organizations across the United States.

“As someone who has worked in this field for decades, watching our team transform our clients’ digital lives and hearing our client feedback firsthand is something I am truly proud of,” says Kamin Atchley, CIO.

Should I staff for this or hire a specialist firm?

Aeras takes a systems-agnostic approach to every client engagement to better understand their specific needs, refusing to pigeonhole into a singular platform. The team boasts a bevy of certifications supporting Apple hardware and the remote deployment of Apple systems.

Apple IT support becomes an operating expense by offloading the burden of wages and insurance from the company and onto a third party to engage in fractional IT. Working with a specialist firm like Aeras means companies can bypass the costs of certifications and hiring a single employee.

Why go alone when you can have a team?

The technical expertise of the Aeras team helps clients to develop cohesive Apple ID strategies, prevent the loss of corporate assets due to Activation Locks, streamline the technology onboard/offboard process, and provide best-in-class remote IT service within this niche field. A current client boasted of reducing employee technology onboarding time by 90% and reducing overhead by removing double-shipment costs by moving from a manual to an automated process through Mosyle (an Apple-only mobile device management provider).

“You do not have to do everything in the world to be successful; you need to do one thing exceptionally well. I believe we embody this,” says Collins with the final word.

Working with a specialized partner is familiar to the business community. All businesses engage with outside entities, from legal counsel to accounting services.

Aeras is a trusted advisor to clients for all things Apple IT and would be happy to connect for an open and honest conversation about your overall Apple technology strategy.

So, what happened to The 3rd Eye?

Instead of letting technology manage them, they brought in help to manage their Apple technology with a trusted IT partner. Since then, their team has been able to navigate the ins and outs of hiring, onboarding, offboarding, email migration, and a seamless end-user experience with the help of Aeras Technologies. Apple remains the gold standard even in this complex business space because “it just works.”

If your team needs assistance with the remote management, deployment, and support of your team’s Apple hardware, book a consultation with the Aeras team through their website at

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