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Arsenal 3-2 Manchester United: Premier League – live reaction

Eddie Nketiah’s 90th-minute goal, his second of the match, settled a pulsating contest and took Arsenal to 50 points after just 19 games

“Possibly bordering on ‘Unpopular opinion’ territory,” high-fives Matt Dony, “and I reserve the right to vehemently deny I ever said this, but I think that Arsenal potentially winning the league is more of a Leicester one-off type thing than the start of a sustained period of title-challenging,.

“They’re a very good side, and Arteta has done a wonderful, patient job in instilling a mindset and a system. There’s much to admire about them. But they do seem to be playing at their limit this year. Things are going well for them. The whole squad have been performing well, and they haven’t been too bothered by injuries. I’m not sure how sustainable that is. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re back in the 7th-3rd shake-up next season. But, as I said, I’ve been wrong before…”

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