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Best Resorts in UAE: Unforgettable Luxury Getaways for Every Traveler’s Dream

Best Resorts in UAE


Best Resorts in UAE: Get ready to embark on a journey to discover the most remarkable and breathtaking resorts in the United Arab Emirates. From luxurious beachfront retreats and desert oases to family-friendly havens and romantic hideaways, this guide is your passport to finding the perfect accommodation for your dream vacation. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, wellness, or an unforgettable romantic escape, the best resorts in UAE are ready to exceed your expectations and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Best Resorts in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is known for its luxurious and captivating resorts that offer a perfect blend of opulence and natural beauty. If you’re planning a vacation to this enchanting land, you might be wondering where to stay. Fret not, as we’ve compiled a list of the best resorts in the UAE that will undoubtedly make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Atlantis The Palm

One of the most iconic resorts in the UAE is Atlantis The Palm. Located at the apex of the Palm Jumeirah, this magnificent resort is a masterpiece of architecture and luxury. As you step foot into Atlantis The Palm, you’ll be greeted by a breathtaking lobby with a stunning aquarium that showcases vibrant marine life.

What Can You Do There?

At Atlantis The Palm, you can immerse yourself in the exhilarating Aquaventure Waterpark, where adrenaline-pumping water slides and thrilling rides await you. If you are a marine enthusiast, don’t miss the opportunity to explore The Lost Chambers Aquarium, where you can witness an array of exotic sea creatures up close.

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort

For those seeking an extraordinary desert experience, Bab Al Shams Desert Resort is an oasis of tranquility nestled amidst the golden sand dunes. This resort exudes traditional Arabian charm and provides a unique opportunity to experience the desert in all its glory.

What Can You Do There?

In Bab Al Shams, you can indulge in desert activities like dune bashing, camel riding, and falconry. As the sun sets, treat yourself to a sumptuous dinner under the stars at their open-air restaurant, and be mesmerized by enchanting performances of belly dancers.

Madinat Jumeirah Resort

Madinat Jumeirah Resort offers a fascinating blend of luxury, culture, and tradition. This expansive resort is designed to resemble an ancient Arabian citadel, and it perfectly captures the essence of old-world charm.

What Can You Do There?

Stroll through the meandering waterways and enchanting souks within the resort. You can also relax at the private beach or enjoy a traditional Abra boat ride. For a memorable dining experience, head to the Pierchic restaurant, which offers delectable seafood dishes with a stunning view of the Arabian Gulf.

JA Palm Tree Court

If you’re looking for a serene beachfront retreat, JA Palm Tree Court is the place to be. Located on a private beach, this resort promises a peaceful and luxurious stay.

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What Can You Do There?

Indulge in a range of water sports, including windsurfing, kayaking, and water skiing. For golf enthusiasts, the resort boasts an 800-meter championship-standard golf course. And if you seek relaxation, the Calm Spa & Salon offers an array of rejuvenating treatments.

Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa

Nestled on a pristine stretch of Jumeirah Beach, Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa is a paradise for beach lovers. The resort’s contemporary design and lush gardens create an inviting and refreshing atmosphere.

What Can You Do There?

Bask in the sun at the infinity pool overlooking the Arabian Gulf or enjoy beach volleyball and water aerobics. The Caracalla Spa offers a range of therapeutic treatments to soothe your mind and body.

One&Only Royal Mirage

Prepare to be enchanted by the regal splendor of One&Only Royal Mirage. This resort is a perfect blend of traditional Arabian architecture and contemporary luxury.

What Can You Do Here?

Take a stroll in the impressive gardens, play tennis, or unwind at the opulent Oriental Hammam. With an array of fine-dining restaurants, your taste buds will be delighted by the gastronomic experiences this resort offers.

Burj Al Arab

The epitome of luxury, Burj Al Arab stands tall as an iconic landmark on the Dubai skyline. This sail-shaped masterpiece is the world’s first seven-star hotel.

What Can You Do Here?

Enjoy high tea at the Skyview Bar, located on the 27th floor, offering panoramic views of the city. Indulge in a private beach cabana or savor gourmet delicacies at one of the hotel’s renowned restaurants, each with its distinct theme and culinary delights.

Hotel Riu Dubai

Hotel Riu Dubai is a hidden gem in the bustling city of Dubai. This all-inclusive beachfront resort offers a perfect blend of comfort and convenience.

What Can You Do Here?

Relax at the stunning infinity pool overlooking the Arabian Gulf or pamper yourself with a massage at the spa. The resort also offers various entertainment and leisure activities to keep you engaged throughout your stay.

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi is a true embodiment of grandeur and extravagance. This palatial resort is a testament to the UAE’s commitment to preserving its rich heritage.

What Can You Do Here?

Indulge in a gold-flaked cappuccino at the lavish Le Café, or take a stroll through the stunning gardens that boast more than 85 varieties of trees and flowers. For a lavish dining experience, head to the opulent Mezlai Emirati restaurant.

Saadiyat Rotana Resort and Villas

Located on the beautiful Saadiyat Island, Saadiyat Rotana Resort and Villas offer a perfect balance of luxury and natural beauty.

What Can You Do Here?

Relax on the pristine white-sand beach, enjoy a game of mini-golf, or rejuvenate at the Zen the Spa. With multiple dining options, you can indulge in various cuisines from around the world.

Anantara Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi

Anantara Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi offers a unique blend of urban luxury and natural wonders. This resort is nestled within a mangrove forest, providing a tranquil escape from the bustling city.

What Can You Do Here?

Explore the mangroves on a guided kayak tour or take a sunset cruise to witness the breathtaking scenery. For a memorable dining experience, try the delectable Asian-inspired dishes at Pachaylen.

Sir Bani Yas Al Sahel Villa Resort

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, Sir Bani Yas Al Sahel Villa Resort is an ideal destination. This unique resort is located on Sir Bani Yas Island, a wildlife reserve that allows you to get up close and personal with fascinating animals.

What Can You Do Here?

Embark on thrilling wildlife safaris, where you can spot giraffes, cheetahs, and more. The resort also offers horse riding and archery activities to keep you entertained.

Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi Grand Canal

Situated on the serene Grand Canal, Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi Grand Canal offers a sophisticated and elegant experience.

What Can You Do There?

Relax in the Venetian-inspired pool or indulge in world-class spa treatments at the ESPA. With eight restaurants and lounges, you can enjoy a wide range of culinary delights.

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In conclusion, the UAE is home to an impressive array of luxurious resorts that cater to every traveler’s desire. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or cultural experiences, these resorts have it all. So, pack your bags and get ready to immerse yourself in the unparalleled hospitality and charm of the best resorts in the UAE. Each resort offers a unique and enchanting experience that will leave you with cherished memories for a lifetime.

Whether you prefer the grandeur of Atlantis The Palm, the desert charm of Bab Al Shams Desert Resort, or the traditional allure of Madinat Jumeirah Resort, there’s something for everyone in the UAE. And as we continue our journey through the best resorts in this captivating country, we can’t miss exploring the delights that JA Palm Tree Court, Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa, One&Only Royal Mirage, and Burj Al Arab have to offer.


The United Arab Emirates stands as a remarkable destination for luxury travelers, adventure seekers, and those yearning for cultural experiences. The best resorts in the UAE offer a magnificent amalgamation of opulence, natural beauty, and warm Arabian hospitality. Each resort is a world of its own, promising a unique and unforgettable stay for every guest.

The journey through these resorts began with Atlantis The Palm, an iconic symbol of Dubai’s grandeur. With its breathtaking aquarium and thrilling water park, the resort is a dreamland for families and water enthusiasts. On the other hand, Bab Al Shams Desert Resort embraced the mystique of the desert, captivating guests with its traditional Arabian charm and enchanting desert experiences.

Madinat Jumeirah Resort welcomed visitors with its impressive architecture and a perfect blend of modern luxury and ancient charm. The resort’s intricate waterways and bustling souks offered an immersive cultural experience that immersed guests in the Arabian spirit.

JA Palm Tree Court and Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa catered to beach lovers, offering them blissful escapes along the pristine shores of Jumeirah Beach. Whether it was thrilling water sports or relaxing by the infinity pool, these resorts embraced the essence of beachside indulgence.

For those seeking regal luxury, One&Only Royal Mirage and Burj Al Arab stood as epitomes of grandeur. With their majestic architecture, fine-dining experiences, and impeccable service, these resorts redefined the standards of opulence.

Hotel Riu Dubai, nestled in the vibrant city, provided an all-inclusive experience that combined comfort and entertainment in the heart of Dubai. On the other hand, Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi emerged as an architectural wonder that showcased the UAE’s dedication to preserving its rich heritage.

Saadiyat Rotana Resort and Villas enchanted guests with its natural beauty on Saadiyat Island, where pristine beaches and a tranquil environment offered a perfect escape from the city’s hustle.

Anantara Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi provided a unique blend of urban luxury and natural wonders, allowing guests to connect with nature amidst the captivating mangrove forests. Meanwhile, Sir Bani Yas Al Sahel Villa Resort became a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, offering exhilarating wildlife safaris and close encounters with the region’s extraordinary animals.

Lastly, the Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi Grand Canal stood tall along the serene Grand Canal, providing an elegant and sophisticated experience that combined modern luxury with Arabian warmth.

The UAE’s best resorts showcased not only their impeccable facilities and services but also the diverse and enriching experiences they offered. From underwater adventures to desert safaris, from beachside relaxation to wildlife encounters, these resorts catered to a broad spectrum of preferences, ensuring every guest found their own slice of paradise.

Beyond their luxurious offerings, these resorts also contributed significantly to the UAE’s tourism sector and played a pivotal role in promoting the country’s rich culture and heritage. They served as ambassadors of Arabian hospitality, warmly welcoming guests from around the world and leaving a lasting impression on their hearts and minds.

As travelers from various corners of the globe embark on a journey to the UAE, these resorts continue to raise the bar for hospitality and redefine the concept of luxury. With their impeccable attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and dedication to guest satisfaction, the best resorts in the UAE have earned their rightful place among the world’s finest.

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Whether it’s indulging in the exquisite cuisines, relaxing in opulent spas, or venturing into thrilling adventures, the UAE’s best resorts provide a myriad of opportunities to create cherished memories. The alluring charm of the United Arab Emirates, coupled with the extraordinary experiences offered by these resorts, beckons travelers to explore this enchanting land and discover its wonders.

So, whether you seek an extravagant getaway, an intimate escape with nature, or an immersion into Arabian culture, the best resorts in the UAE are waiting to welcome you with open arms. Embrace the allure of luxury, bask in the warm hospitality, and immerse yourself in the captivating experiences that await you in this remarkable destination. The UAE is ready to create an unforgettable chapter in your travel journey, where dreams become a reality and every moment is etched in your heart forever.

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What are the best resorts in the UAE?

The best resorts in the UAE encompass a wide range of options, including luxury beachfront resorts, exquisite desert retreats, family-friendly havens, wellness and spa retreats, romantic hideaways, adventure resorts, golf resorts, and unique off-the-beaten-path treasures. Some renowned resorts include Paradise Sands Resort, Sahara Sands Oasis, Sunshine Shores Resort, Fairway Greens, Oasis Retreat, and many more.

What amenities can I expect at the best resorts in the UAE?

The best resorts in the UAE offer an array of amenities, which may include spacious accommodations, world-class dining options, luxurious spa facilities, state-of-the-art fitness centers, infinity pools, private beaches, water parks, kids' clubs, championship golf courses, outdoor activities, fine dining restaurants, and exceptional service tailored to meet guests' needs.

How do I choose the best resort in the UAE for my family vacation?

When choosing a family-friendly resort in the UAE, consider factors such as spacious family suites, dedicated kids' clubs with supervised activities, exciting water parks, family-oriented amenities, entertainment options, and themed activities that cater to children of all ages. Additionally, look for resorts with family-friendly dining options and a variety of recreational activities suitable for the whole family.

Are there wellness and spa retreats available in the UAE?

Yes, the UAE offers exceptional wellness and spa retreats. These resorts provide a range of wellness-focused activities, such as yoga and meditation retreats, rejuvenating spa treatments, wellness consultations, nature walks, fitness classes, and specialized wellness programs tailored to enhance guests' overall well-being and relaxation.

What makes the off-the-beaten-path resorts in the UAE unique?

Off-the-beaten-path resorts in the UAE offer distinctive experiences that set them apart. These resorts often boast unique accommodations, eco-friendly initiatives, immersive cultural experiences, unconventional settings, themed resorts, boutique offerings, local craftsmanship, authentic local cuisine, and opportunities to explore hidden gems that are not typically found in mainstream resorts.

Can I find adventure resorts in the UAE?

Absolutely! The UAE offers adventure resorts that cater to thrill-seekers. These resorts provide a range of outdoor activities, water sports, adrenaline-pumping adventures, hiking and trekking opportunities, off-road excursions, diving and snorkeling spots, deep-sea fishing, and other exhilarating experiences that allow guests to embrace the spirit of adventure amidst the stunning landscapes of the UAE.

Are there golf resorts in the UAE?

Yes, the UAE is home to world-class golf resorts that offer championship golf courses, luxurious accommodations, golf academies, state-of-the-art facilities, personalized golf pro services, scenic fairways, and golfing events. These resorts provide an exceptional golfing experience for players of all skill levels, ensuring an unforgettable time on the greens.

How can I book a stay at the best resorts in the UAE?

Booking a stay at the best resorts in the UAE is easy. Most resorts have official websites where you can check availability, explore room options, and make online reservations. Alternatively, you can contact the resort directly through their provided contact information or seek the assistance of a travel agent who specializes in UAE accommodations.

Can I find all-inclusive packages at the best resorts in the UAE?

Yes, many resorts in the UAE offer all-inclusive packages that bundle accommodations, meals, and select activities into one convenient package. These packages vary by resort and may include additional perks such as spa treatments, water sports, golf rounds, or other exclusive services. It's best to check with the specific resort you are interested in to see if they offer all-inclusive options and what is included in their packages.

What is the best time to visit the resorts in the UAE?

The best time to visit the resorts in the UAE depends on personal preferences and the activities you wish to engage in. The winter months (November to March) generally offer pleasant temperatures, making it ideal for outdoor activities. However, it is also a peak tourist season. The summer months (June to August) can be hot, but some resorts offer indoor facilities and special summer promotions. Spring and autumn can provide a balance between favorable weather and fewer crowds. It's recommended to check with the specific resort and consider your preferred weather conditions when planning your visit.
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