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Dubai Metro RTA

Customers are required to send an SMS to the number 7275 in a specific format. The format consists of the vehicle’s plate number and code, followed by a space, then the area code, another space, and finally the duration in hours. For instance, if the plate number is A 00000, the area code is 000, and the duration is 2 hours, the SMS should be: A00000 000A 2.

What is the code for parking SMS Dubai?

To initiate payment using the Dubai Parking SMS system, start by creating a new message on your mobile phone. Enter the address of the sender as 7275 (PARK). This number, 7275, serves as the official contact for paying Dubai parking fees through SMS.

How to do parking with SMS?

To utilize the mParking service, you need to enroll your vehicle by providing its plate number. Next, identify the specific parking zone where you intend to park and estimate the duration of your parking. Prepare an SMS containing the details of your registered vehicle, the designated parking zone, and the planned parking duration (Dubai parking fees are calculated per hour). Finally, send the SMS to 7275 (PARK).

How to find parking zone number in Dubai?

You can download the RTA app and it will automatically show you the zone as per your nearest location.

How do I pay full day parking in Dubai?

You can enter 24 at the end for 24 hours. number plate-space area code-number of parking hours.

What is zone B parking in Dubai?

Zone B includes all parking areas within commercial zones that are relatively less crowded compared to Zone A. Drivers who possess a seasonal RTA parking card of type B have the privilege to park their vehicles in both Zone B and Zone D. It is worth noting that parking fees in Zone B and Zone D are generally lower than the rates applicable in Zone A for parking in Dubai.
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