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UAE Government: Official Way to Calculate End of Service Dues/Gratuity Pay

Gratuity Calculator UAE

Below Are the Steps to Calculate your End of Service or Gratuity Dues Officially

Follow these steps to easily find out How much you are Owed by your Employer at the end of your Service.

Enter your Start Date and End Date

These dates should be entered as per your UAE Labor Law Contract

UAE Gratuity Calculator 1

Enter Details Below

Here you can enter your Total Salary/Net Salary and Basic Salary. These details are mentioned in your employment contract.

UAE Gratuity Calculator 2

Enter the Reason

Here you can select one of the options from below.

UAE Gratuity Calculator 3 jpg

Enter Details about your Allowances

The below figures needs to be entered based on your Calculations and your HR. Make sure you enter this as correctly as possible.

UAE Gratuity Calculator 5 jpg

You Will See the Final Results

Once you have put all the details correctly, you can see your total allowances due.

UAE Gratuity Calculator 6 jpg

More Information

You can also see the details about your Total Working Period.

UAE Gratuity Calculator 7 jpg

Click on MOHRE Gratuity Calculator to Execute the above steps.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding End-of-Service Gratuity Pay

End-of-service gratuity is a significant benefit provided to employees upon the termination of their service. However, comprehending the calculations involved in determining the gratuity amount can be challenging. In this listicle article, we’ll break down the rules and regulations for calculating end-of-service gratuity pay, making it easier for you to understand. Let’s explore!

  1. Less Than 1 Year of Service: Employees who have served for less than one year are not eligible for any gratuity pay. It’s important to keep this in mind when considering the duration of your employment.
  2. More Than 1 Year but Less Than 5 Years of Service: If you have worked for more than one year but less than five years, you are entitled to receive full gratuity pay based on 21 days’ salary for each year of work. This means that for every year served, you will receive a portion of your salary as gratuity pay.
  3. More Than 5 Years of Service: For employees who have completed more than five years of service, the calculation becomes even more favorable. You will be eligible for full gratuity pay equivalent to 30 days’ salary for each year of work beyond the initial five years. This demonstrates the recognition and reward for your long-term commitment to the organization.
  4. Limit on Gratuity Amount: Regardless of the length of your service, it’s important to note that the total gratuity amount should not exceed the equivalent of your two-year wage. This ensures a fair and balanced approach to gratuity pay calculations.
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Understanding the calculation process for end-of-service gratuity pay is crucial for employees planning their careers. By following this comprehensive listicle guide, you now have a clear understanding of how gratuity pay is determined based on your length of service. Remember to consider these rules and consult with relevant authorities or experts to ensure accurate calculations aligned with your specific employment contract and local regulations.



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