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How can I get Dubai medical visa?

When applying for a Medical Treatment Visa in the UAE, you will need to submit certain documents. These documents include a copy of your passport, a letter from your hospital detailing the purpose of your visit, evidence of financial stability, and proof of medical insurance that will cover your entire stay in the UAE.

How much is medical for visa in Dubai?

Fees & Payments Application Fees in AED Normal Medical Test 322.50 48 Hour Medical Test 432.50 24 Hour Medical Test 532.50 4 Hour VIP Medical Test 752.50

How long is visa medical valid in Dubai?

The Medical Fitness certificate is valid for three (3) months from the date of issue.

What is the medical visa in UAE?

Visa Medical Screening is a mandatory requirement to obtain a residency visa in the UAE. It is applicable to all expatriates 18 years and older, intending to live or work in the UAE.

What happens if you fail visa medical?

If you fail a medical test in the UAE, your application for a long-stay permit will be automatically rejected. In this case, you will be transferred to a hospital for medical observation and care. This policy is effective as of December 23, 2022.

Can I go to hospital without Emirates ID?

In order to avail the medical services offered by the government-run medical facilities in the UAE, you will be required to possess a UAE health card. The application process for the health card can be initiated online through the DHA website or by visiting a medical center in person. During the application process, you will need to provide your national ID number and passport details.

How much is medical for Emirates ID?

The price for the medical test in UAE is AED 260.

What documents required for visa medical?

The documents that are required for the visa application process include a passport-sized photograph, copies of the first and second pages of your passport, a copy of your sponsor's passport if it's a private sponsorship, a commercial license in case of a company sponsorship, a medical examination certificate from outside the UAE (if applicable), and a worker's disclosure (if applicable). These requirements are current as of April 6, 2023.

Which diseases are not allowed in UAE?

Foreign nationals who wish to obtain a work or residence permit in the UAE must be free of all communicable diseases, including HIV and TB. Moreover, workers in nurseries are also required to test negative for syphilis and Hepatitis B. This policy is effective as of March 30, 2023.

How long after medical do I get Emirates ID?

To apply for an Emirates ID card, you will need to complete an online application and schedule an appointment for biometric enrolment. Additionally, you will be required to undergo a medical test. After the medical test, the ICA will process your application and issue the Emirates ID card upon completion. The results of the medical test are usually available within 3-5 business days.

How long do visa medical results take?

VIP Screening: Results available on same day *if screening is done before 11:30* Fast track Screening: Results within 24 hours. Standard Screening: Within 48 hours.

How long does it take to get a medical visa in UAE?

Within 2-3 business days

How much is the Emirates ID fee for 2 years?

For each year of issuance it costs AED 100. An additional AED 40 for service fees, AED 150 for an urgent service and AED 30 for Printing Office fees.

Is medical treatment free in Dubai for visit visa?

No It is not free and depends on Emergency cases. You can Visit Rashid Hospital or Latifa Hospital incase of emergency.
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Visitors to the UAE can receive medical care at both private and government hospitals, which offer standard medical services. If there is a medical emergency, initial treatment to stabilise the patient's condition is provided free of charge. However, payment is required for all other medical treatment, which can be made by cash, credit card or insurance.

Which hospital is free in Dubai?

All government hospitals including Al Kuwait Hospital and Rashid Hospital offer free emergency treatment in Dubai.

How can I get free medical in Dubai?

Dubai's public healthcare services are accessible to Emirati nationals at no cost or at a very low cost. Expatriates can also utilise these services, but they need to purchase a health card and pay a fee each time they use them.

Why is medical so expensive in UAE?

The cost of healthcare in the UAE is high due to various factors. The primary reason is the significant number of expatriates residing in the UAE as compared to Emirati nationals. This has led to an abundance of private healthcare facilities and hospitals, as opposed to public ones.

What can cause a visa rejection?

An individual's present and/or previous behaviors, like engaging in drug or criminal activities, may disqualify them from obtaining a visa. If a visa application is denied, the applicant is typically informed of the specific legal provision that is applicable.

How can I check my medical report in UAE visa?

Is visa rejection normal?

Your visa application may be denied if you have given incorrect information in your form, if you have a criminal record, or if you apply for a visa without a valid reason and on short notice.

What happens if you can't pay your hospital bill in Dubai?

If you are facing a financial crisis and are unable to pay your medical bills in Dubai, the Dubai Health Authority has established the Musaada program to assist you. To seek assistance, you will need to submit an application to the DHA explaining your situation and requesting help.

Can I leave UAE without my Emirates ID?

Obtaining an Emirates ID is not only mandatory for citizens and residents of the UAE but also offers numerous advantages and ease of access to government services, banking, employment, and travel. Thus, it is essential for all UAE residents and citizens to obtain their Emirates ID promptly.

Can I travel with my Emirates ID only?

Residents of the UAE can travel using their Emirates ID only within the GCC countries, but it is important to note that this travel restriction is currently in place.

Who will pay for Emirates ID?

The applicant is required to pay certain fees for the replacement of a lost or damaged ID, as well as an application fee. If the application is made through typing centres, the fee is AED 70, and if it's made through the eForm on the ICA website, the fee is AED 40. These fees apply to all UAE nationals, GCC nationals, and expatriate residents. The date of this information is March 30th, 2023.

How to get Emirates ID urgent?

To obtain your Emirates ID within 24 hours, you will need to pay an additional fee for urgent service along with the regular fees. As per the ICP website, expat residents are charged an annual fee of Dhs100, in addition to Dhs50 as a service fee and Dhs30 as a typing center fee. Moreover, an extra Dhs150 is charged for the urgent service.

How much is the UAE residence visa renewal fee in 2023?

Residence / Renew / Parents – National Sponsor ( 1 yrs ) 309.90 AED
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Residence/Data Modification/Nationality Change+Renewal-Family-Investor or Partner Sponsor 688.90 AED Residence/Data Modification/Nationality Change+Renew-Family-Resident Spsor Work In Pvt Sec or F.Zone  538.90 AED Residence / Renew / Parents – Resident Sponsor Working In Private Sector or Free Zone 359.90 AED Residence / Renew / Son Older Than 21 Years Old – Investor or Partner Sponsor  409.90 AED Residence / Renew / Son Older Than 21 Years Old – National Sponsor (1 years ) 409.90 AED Residence / Renew / Son Older Than 21 Years Old – National Sponsor (2 years ) 509.90 AED  

Can I get my visa medical test done in Dubai if I have an Abu Dhabi resident visa?

Certainly, several medical examination centers in Dubai are acceptable for individuals holding Abu Dhabi residency visas, as well as Abu Dhabi investor and freelancer visas.

Can I check my medical report online?

To check the status of your medical test report online, you need to visit the Wafid online portal and enter your passport number and nationality accurately. Then, you should enter the captcha code and click on the 'Check' button. Once completed, you will be able to view your medical test report status online.

How much is TB test in Dubai?

The cost of TB testing does not include the cost of treatment if you are found to already have TB. The fee for testing is AED 650 for individuals aged 11 years and above, and AED 500 for those below 11 years old. This information was provided as of March 30th, 2023.

What are the deportable diseases in Dubai?

In 2019, the UAE had a list of diseases that could result in deportation, including hepatitis B, tuberculosis, and leprosy, which were categorized separately. However, there is ongoing discussion among officials on whether to add hepatitis C to the list of deportable conditions, which currently includes HIV and AIDS, according to sources from the Ministry.

What is the most common disease in UAE?

As of March 9, 2023, approximately 11.809% of the UAE's population was diagnosed with diabetes.


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