Frequently Asked Questions

Not only is Newswire a dynamic archive which journalists can search for leads, news releases posted to our service are crawled by some of the world’s major search engines. This means your content is more likely to turn up in a search engine when a journalist enters a related search query.

We also ensure all news releases are distributed via RSS/XML to a growing network of news aggregators/distributors.

And because our network of sites has been operational since 2005, you can be sure your content is giving your ongoing attention for years to come.

Posting charity and CSR-related news to Newswire is free. For paid-for options, please see our list of prices
Absolutely yes, and we’re glad you asked – contact us today and we can offer you press release and content marketing services from leading UAE financial journalists at cost-effective rates.

Simply click on the Submit News link at the top of each page. Please be sure to complete the entire form as incomplete submissions may be rejected.

We must always reserve the right to reject any news release. Please read our Terms and Conditions before submitting news for the first time.