Fitbit to Shut Down Certain App Features in March


In line with Fitbit’s continued transition to merge with Google’s software services, the company recently announced that it will be shutting down a couple of features from the Fitbit app. A post from the official Fitbit community page details the outgoing features, which will be removed next month:

We’re working hard behind the scenes to enhance the Fitbit app with Google technology this year. As a result, we’re streamlining areas of the Fitbit app and the following features will be removed on Android and iOS as of March 27, 2023:

  • Open groups will no longer be available – but you can still create a closed group with your friends and connect with other users in the Fitbit Community on our Health & Wellness  forums
  • All Challenges  and Adventures, including trophies, will no longer be available, but you can still compete with friends on your leaderboard and earn badges for personal achievements.

With that said, users can choose to request for a copy of their data, which can be done here. Fitbit added that it will continue to work on the app and add new features in the future.

A while back, the company also stated that it will soon change the way that users will be able to sign in to the app. Originally, users who wanted to log into their Fitbit accounts had to either sign in using their Fitbit account or use the “Continue with Google” feature, although Fitbit has announced that it will be removing the option to do so, and instead will require a “standard” Google account to sign in.

Source: Fitbit

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