Is there grace period for 90 days visit visa in UAE?

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the grace period for visitors in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In this article, we will provide you with all the essential information you need to know about the free grace period, its duration, eligibility criteria, and the benefits it offers to visitors in the UAE. We aim to equip you with the knowledge necessary to make the most of your visit while complying with local regulations.

Understanding the Free Grace Period

A complementary 10-day grace period is available for visitors to the UAE, allowing them to stay for an additional duration beyond their original visa validity. This grace period provides flexibility and convenience, ensuring visitors have ample time to complete their planned activities or make necessary travel arrangements.

Eligibility for the Grace Period

The free grace period is applicable to visitors who have entered the UAE on a tourist visa, visit visa, or transit visa. It is important to note that this extension is not applicable to individuals who have entered the country on employment or residency visas.

Duration of the Grace Period

During the grace period, visitors can enjoy an extension of their stay for up to 10 days. This additional duration is added to the original validity of the visa, allowing visitors to maximize their time in the UAE. For example, if a visitor’s visa is valid for 90 days, the grace period extends their total stay to a maximum of 100 days.

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Benefits of the Grace Period

  1. Flexibility in Travel Plans: The grace period provides visitors with the freedom to adjust their travel plans without the immediate need to apply for visa extensions or facing penalties. This flexibility is particularly valuable when unexpected situations arise, such as flight cancellations or unforeseen delays.
  2. Seamless Departure Arrangements: The grace period also ensures a smoother transition for visitors when preparing to depart from the UAE. It allows sufficient time for travelers to pack, settle outstanding matters, and bid farewell to the country.
  3. Time for Exploring and Experiencing: With the extra days granted by the grace period, visitors can further immerse themselves in the vibrant culture, attractions, and experiences the UAE has to offer. Whether it’s visiting iconic landmarks, indulging in exquisite cuisine, or exploring traditional markets, this additional time allows for a more enriching travel experience.

Important Considerations

While the grace period provides visitors with valuable benefits, it is crucial to be aware of certain considerations:

  1. Overstaying Penalties: It is essential to respect the initial visa validity and the grace period’s duration. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in penalties, fines, or other legal consequences. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your visit and departure accordingly.
  2. Visa Restrictions: The grace period does not grant visitors permission to work or engage in any income-generating activities during their extended stay. Visitors must adhere to the restrictions outlined by their original visa and follow the UAE’s laws and regulations.
  3. Future Visa Applications: If visitors wish to return to the UAE after their departure, they must comply with the standard visa application procedures. The grace period cannot be utilized as a substitute for obtaining a new visa or extending future stays.
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In conclusion, the free grace period for visitors in the UAE offers numerous advantages, including flexibility in travel plans, seamless departure arrangements, and extra time for exploring and experiencing the country’s wonders



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