UAE Visa Expired not Cancelled-What Happens?


Understanding the Importance of Properly Cancelling UAE Visas

In this article, we shed light on the crucial aspect of properly canceling visas, emphasizing its significance for individuals leaving the UAE or planning to stay on a tourist visa. By understanding the importance of proper visa cancellation, you can ensure a hassle-free re-entry to the country and avoid unnecessary complications.

The Expiration Myth: UAE Visas and Cancellation

A common misconception among individuals is that when a UAE residency visa expires, it automatically gets canceled. However, it is important to note that while a residency visa may become invalid upon expiration, it does not get automatically canceled. To avoid any complications and ensure a smooth transition, it is imperative to follow the proper visa cancellation process. This holds true for all types of visas, including tourist visas.

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The Consequences of Not Properly Cancelling Visas

Failure to properly cancel a visa can lead to significant issues when attempting to re-enter the UAE on a visit visa. Additionally, if a previous residency visa has not been canceled, obtaining a new residency visa becomes nearly impossible. To mitigate such complications, it is essential to adhere to the visa cancellation guidelines set forth by the UAE authorities.

The Visa Cancellation Process

To cancel a visa, whether it is a residency visa or any other type, individuals are advised to visit any main office of the Immigration Department in the respective emirate or the one where the visa was initially issued. During the process, it is necessary to present a valid passport along with a cancellation request. The fees associated with visa cancellation, including typing fees, should not exceed Dh250, ensuring a cost-effective procedure.

Handing over the Emirates ID Card

In conjunction with the visa cancellation process, it is crucial to surrender the Emirates ID card. The Emirates ID card is intrinsically linked to the visa and must be returned as part of the cancellation procedure. By complying with this requirement, individuals contribute to the efficient processing of their visa cancellation and maintain adherence to the UAE’s regulatory framework.


In conclusion, it is of utmost importance to dispel the myth surrounding visa cancellation in the UAE. Residency visas do not automatically get canceled upon expiration, necessitating individuals to follow the proper cancellation process. By doing so, individuals can prevent complications when re-entering the country and facilitate the acquisition of new visas.

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Remember, complying with the visa regulations demonstrates your commitment to the UAE’s legal framework and fosters a smooth transition during your stay.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. It is crucial to consult with the relevant authorities or seek professional advice regarding individual visa circumstances.

Is it necessary to cancel visa after expiry?

As of 2023, New regulations have been implemented stating that individuals holding residency visas are granted a six-month grace period to either depart the country or modify their status after their permit has been canceled or expired. It's important to note that visas do not technically expire; instead, they become invalid and must always be officially canceled.

What happens if my UAE visa is not Cancelled?

If expatriates depart from the UAE without properly canceling their visas, their residency visas will be automatically revoked. However, leaving the country without appropriately canceling visas may lead to future travel restrictions or bans.

What happens if UAE visa expires?

You will start accumulating overstay fines which is 50 AED per day as of 2023.

Can expired visa be Cancelled in UAE?

Once the existing expired residence visa is canceled, it becomes possible for either a company or a family member to initiate a new application for a residence visa. Upon approval, you will receive an entry permit allowing you to travel to the UAE. Upon arrival, you will need to undergo a medical test, obtain an Emirates ID, and have your visa stamped in your passport once again.

How long can you stay in the UAE after visa expires?

30 days, After which you will start accumulating 50 AED per day in Dubai and 100 AED per day in Abu Dhabi.

Is Emirates ID required for visa cancellation?

Emirates ID will be for physical presence at the time of cancellation to proceed with cancellation process. However, once the visa cancellation is done, you can keep the ID card with you.

What does visa expiry date mean in UAE?

A visa is granted with a specific duration of validity. If the visa is not utilized within that timeframe, it loses its validity. In this scenario, there is a specified number of days within which you must enter the country. Once you enter within that timeframe, you will receive a 30-day visa starting from the date of entry as indicated by the stamp in your passport.

What are the new rules for expired visa in UAE?

Tourists visiting Dubai are granted a grace period of 10 days following the expiration of their visa. During this period, it is essential for them to depart from Dubai specifically. If a tourist overstays their visa, it can result in absconding charges, and both the individual and the travel agency may face difficulties with the governing authority.

What happens if UAE employment visa not cancelled after visa expired?

It is necessary for your employer to cancel your visa; otherwise, you will be deemed to have overstayed. If you intend to leave the country, a significant fine will be imposed. In the event that you were on vacation and did not arrive in the UAE before your visa expiration, your employer will file a report with the UAE Immigration Department. Unless your previous employer cancels your visa, you will be unable to obtain a new work visa and return to the United Arab Emirates.



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