VIDEO: Honda City evades NPE toll, hits Proton X50

Honda City NPE highway toll evader 108x108 1

VIDEO: Honda City evades NPE toll, hits Proton X50

Honda City NPE highway toll evader

Another day, another highway toll fare dodger, and one of the latest to do the rounds on social media is the driver of this black Honda City on the New Pantai Expressway (NPE) heading towards Subang Jaya. This time, the opportunist has made physical contact with the vehicle ahead of them.

Shared to the Dashcam Owners Malaysia Facebook page by Joshua Lim, the footage was dated February 21, with its timestamp showing the occurence at around 7:51 pm. The typical modus operandi plays out – the driver of the car behind tailgates the car ahead on the approach to the toll plaza in order to get free passage, which in this case is the SmartTag lane.

Having gotten wise to the intention of the driver behind him, Lim tried to stop in the toll lane in order to not get taken advantage of. In their effort to get free passage through the toll plaza, which is of the open toll system on the NPE, the driver of the black Honda City collides with the rear bumper of Lim’s vehicle.

Besides the obvious need to ensure one has sufficient credit for their chosen method of toll fare payment, another question remains – is dodging the RM1.00 toll fare for this toll passage really worth the risk of damage and potential injury?

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