We all want a new Nvidia Shield Tablet and now is the perfect time

We all want a new Nvidia Shield Tablet and now is the perfect time

Nvidia Shield Tablet and stylus resized

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Nvidia’s Shield TV devices have long been held up as the best Android TV streaming gadgets around, and it’s not hard to see why. They pack a good level of power and loads of handy software features, while Nvidia has delivered a years-long update commitment that handily beats virtually all Android phones on the market.

This wasn’t Nvidia’s first Shield product, though. Long-time Android enthusiasts will remember that the Nvidia Shield Portable was the company’s first Shield device, but it was the follow-up Shield Tablet that captured many eyes. Sporting a Tegra K1 processor,  1,920 x 1,200 display, stylus, and a quad-speaker setup, Nvidia’s first and only tablet was about as good as it got back in 2014.

It’s been over eight long years since that first attempt then, but the time might be right for a refreshed Shield Tablet.

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Most of the gaming pieces are here

NVIDA Shield TV Controller IO in hand

Today’s tablet landscape differs from 2014 in two key ways when it comes to gaming. For one, game streaming has seen a major rise as an alternative to local gaming. Back in 2014, Sony’s Remote Play and third-party PC apps were among the only ways to stream games on your phone over a wireless connection.

Now, there’s no shortage of game streaming services on the market. Sony offers PlayStation Plus streaming and existing Remote Play functionality, Steam offers its Steam Link functionality for PC titles, and Microsoft has its Xbox cloud gaming service. We even have Amazon Luna if the aforementioned options aren’t for you for whatever reason.

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